A 2021 RAD Reading Challenge

From RAD:

“This is one of my favorite things to create year after year. A RAD Reading Challenge is a fun, motivating, inspiring, and easy way to branch out and read more, get out of reading ruts, and discover books I never would have read otherwise.

“There are nine categories in the 2021 challenge, so I hope that it feels doable and exciting to all kinds of readers! I love encouraging you all to read more, whether your goal is to read a few books or a few hundred, whether you’re stoked about reading or find it to be a struggle. I’ll be doing this reading challenge right alongside you, and it’s my goal to focus on books by diverse authors as much as I can to complete it. I hope you’ll join me!”



  • A Book of Poetry:
    • milk and honey by Rupi Kaur (Completed February 7th)
  • A Random Library Grab:
    • Mercenary Librarians #1: Deal with the Devil by Kit Rocha (Completed July 1st)
  • A One-Word Title:
    • Kindred by Octavia E. Butler (Completed June 28th)
  • A Teenage Fave:
    • Dune by Frank Herbert (re-read/Completed March 19th)
  • A Book in Your Fave Colour:
    • Soulwood #1: Blood of the Earth by Faith Hunter — green! (Completed June 10th)
  • A Book by a Black Author:
    • Xenogenesis #1: Dawn by Octavia E. Butler (Completed February 1st)
  • A Book Longer Than 500 Pages:
    • Night’s Dawn #1: The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F. Hamilton — nearly 1,000 pages (Completed March 1st)
  • A Book Shorter Than 200 Pages:
    • Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. — 178 pages (Completed April 6th)
  • A Backlist Read From A Fave Author:
    • Newsflesh #1: Feed by Mira Grant, a.k.a. Seanan McGuire (Completed June 22nd)
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