Books and Tea 2021 Reading Challenge

Run by Northern Plunder.


1. Hexed with Colour – ask a friend for a colour, read a book with a cover to match
2. Hidden Creations – an author’s lesser known book / a lesser known author
3. Stardust – a book you’ve owned since 2016
4. Awesome, Of Course – a book by an author of colour
5. In Satan we Stan – a book with 666 pages or longer
6. Full of Pride – LGBT+ books and authors
7. Highly Recommended – a recommendation from a friend
8. A Fresh Look – a new to you diverse read*
9. Star’s the Limit – travel to another country or world
10. New Kids on the Pub(lisher) – 2021 debut author
11. Opposites Attract – swap a TBR entry with someone
12. Small Stories – an anthology or book that’s shorter than most

*For those wondering what counts as a diverse read: a book written by an author with a marginalised identity about characters with marginalised identities.


  • Sign up by making a blog (or social media) post and suggest your TBR for the prompts.
  • To take part in the book club server: share your progress in #2021-reading-challenges channel
  • Use the hashtag #booksandteabc when relevant to this challenge so we can see your content. It makes it easier for us to support you!
  • Link back to this post / give credit, please
  • The Books and Tea 2021 reading challenge runs from 1st January – 31st December 2021
  • Bonus: the challenges works as good photo prompts too

— as of September 10th

  1. Hexed with Colour
    • (Green!) Soulwood #1: Blood of the Earth by Faith Hunter (Completed June 10th)
  2. Hidden Creations
    • Abhorsen #4: Clariel — lesser known work in the series/from the author (Completed June 26th)
  3. Stardust
    • The Others #1: Written in Red by Anne Bishop (re-read, completed February 2nd)
  4. Awesome, Of Course
    • Xenogenesis #1: Dawn by Octavia E. Butler (Completed February 1st)
  5. In Satan we Stan
    • To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini (Completed January 28th)
  6. Full of Pride
    • The Chronicles of Dorsa #1: The Princess of Dorsa by Eliza Andrews (Completed January 30th)
  7. Highly Recommended
    • Tiamat #1: The Snow Queen by Joan D. Vinge (Completed January 25th)
  8. A Fresh Look
    • Kindred by Octavia E. Butler (Completed June 28th)
  9. Star’s the Limit
    • Secret Keepers #1: The House of Darken by Jaymin Eve (Completed July 7th)
  10. New Kids on the Pub(lisher)
    • For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten (Completed September 10th)
  11. Opposites Attract
    • The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins (Completed January 7th)
  12. Small Stories
    • Humans Are Weird: I Have the Data by Betty Adams (Completed February 6th)
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