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Debut Author Challenge 2021

Run by Books of Amber.

“ What is the Debut Author Challenge?

Like I said, it’s exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a year long reading challenge in which you are encouraged (and, of course, challenged) to read as many debut books as possible. There are different tiers that I’ll get into in a second, so whether you’re a slower reader or a rapid reader, there will be a tier that will challenge you.

The Debut Author Challenge begins 1st January 2021, and ends 30th January 2022. These dates will allow December ’21 debuts (if there are any) to be included in the challenge.

What are the tiers?

I want the Debut Author Challenge to be as inclusive as possible, so I’ve started it out as a very small challenge, but if you’re feeling ambitious (like I am!) you can really go all out.

Tier 1: Read 3 debut books
Tier 2: Read 6 debut books
Tier 3: Read 12 debut books
Tier 4: Read 20 debut books

What else?

So, you might be wondering how involved this challenge is. The answer is, quite! Every month, I will be posting about the debut books releasing in the coming month so they’ll be on everyone’s radar.

I’ll also be including the form where you can submit your links to show where you have spoken about the book! This post will be published on the 1st of every month, so please follow my blog so you can keep track of what’s coming up, and where to post your links.

Of course, you don’t need to submit your thoughts and reviews about the book, but how else will I know you’re crushing the challenge?

There may also be an exciting event coming up in the middle of the year, so keep your eyes peeled for that.


Challenges always have rules, so here they are, set out nice and neatly for you.

  • You must post your thoughts about each debut book you read for it to count towards the challenge. You can post these thoughts anywhere: Goodreads, blogs, Booktube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I just need to be able to see that you’ve done so.
  • You must sign up for the challenge by October 2021 to be entered into this first giveaway, but you may sign up at any point, really.
  • The debuts MUST be published in 2021, and you MUST have read and posted about them between 1st January 2021 and 31st January 2022.
  • Each link you submit will count as one entry into the giveaways. You can submit as many (legit) links as you like each month. Are you reading five debut books in February? Review them all and submit the links!
  • The challenge and the giveaways are open internationally. You can write your reviews or thoughts in any language.
  • The debuts can be MG, YA, NA, or Adult, and they must be the author’s first published book in that category. If an author has published an adult book before, but is publishing YA in 2021, this will count towards the challenge.

I will be aiming for the simple Tier 1! Any books in bold and with a date in brackets (Completed Month/DD) beside the title and author’s name are completed books. Anything else is a possible option I’m considering. Other dates are book release dates.

Ideas on Goodreads:


Completed Tier 1! Still need to add my reviews though.

  1. The Effort by Claire Holroyde (Complete)
  2. The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec
    • This is her novel debut; she’s been included in some small anthologies before this, however.
  3. The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner
  4. The Girl From Shadow Springs by Ellie Cypher (Expected February 9 release)
  5. Deathless #1: The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna (Expected February 9 release)
  6. Hall of Smoke #1: Hall of Smoke by H.M. Long
  7. The Divide #1: The Last Watch by J.S. Dewes (Expected April 20 release)
  8. Wickery #1: Cast in Firelight by Dana Swift
  9. This Golden Flame by Emily Victoria
    • Yessssss asexual main character!
  10. We Are the Fire by Sam Taylor (Expected February 16 release)
  11. Fragile Remedy by Maria Ingrande Mora (Expected March 9 release)
  12. Jane Austen Murder Mystery #1: Pride and Premeditation by Tirzah Price (Expected April 9 release)
  13. It Goes Like This by Miel Moreland (Expected May 18 release)
  14. The Dead and the Dark by Courtney Gould (Expected August 3 release)
  15. The Chronicles of Astranthia #1: Rea and the Blood of the Nectar by Payal Doshi (Expected May release)
  16. Saving Grace by Debbie Babbitt (Expected March 16 release)
  17. Every Last Fear by Alex Finlay (Expected March 2 release)
  18. Amelia Unabridged by Ashley Schumacher (Expected February 16 release)
  19. Wings of Ebony #1: Wings of Ebony by J. Elle
  20. A Dark and Hollow Star #1: A Dark and Hollow Star by Ashley Shuttleworth (Expected February 23 release)
  21. Sweet & Bitter Magic by Adrienne (Complete)
  22. Rook & Rose #1: The Mask of Mirrors by M.A. Carrick
  23. Wilderwood #1: For the Wolf by Hannah F. Whitten (Complete)
  24. Winter’s Orbit by Everina Maxwell (Complete)

Books I’ve Read This Year

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