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Master List of Challenge Attempts 2021

Well, folks, it looks like 2021 is going to be a year filled with ambition as far as my reading goals go! (*mumbles* It’s better than facing the outside world when not actively being an activist. *falls over*)

Not only will I be participating in the first year of the Fanfiction Reading Challenge that I created myself, I’ll also be ambitiously aiming for way too many other “real” book challenges.

For those interested, here’s a link to more info and the spreadsheets that make keeping track of the proposed tasks that much easier. No signups required, no reviews/comments/kudos/favourites… though the latter is always a friendly thing to do when your own circumstances allow!

The 2021 Fanfic Reading Challenge

In other news, though… here are the reading challenges I plan/hope/fervently pray to complete this year. Each Challenge will have a separate web page so that I can provide accurate linking for the signup and the challenge creator(s)’s ease of access.

I will very likely not complete all of these, but I’m going to darn-well try! 😉

  1. The 2021 Key Word Reading Challenge by girlxoxo — COMPLETE
  2. Ultimate Fantasy Reading Challenge by Books In Wonderland — COMPLETE
  3. The 2021 Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge by Gregory Road — COMPLETED my 2/2 goal = 56/56 books (some categories I’ve read more). 2 books left for the 3/3 goal = 76/78 books, easy enough, but a full 4/4 is a lot of extra books I’m not entirely inspired to read (13 more, all told).
  4. Spacetime Reads 2021 Reading Challenge by Jemima Pett — COMPLETE, still adding more, requires reviews linked
  5. Virtual Mount TBR by My Reader’s Block — COMPLETE
  6. POPSUGAR 2021 Reading Challenge by POPSUGAR — COMPLETE
  7. Book Riot’s 2021 Read Harder Challenge by Book Riot — COMPLETE
  8. Books and Tea 2021 Reading Challenge by Northern Plunder — COMPLETE
  9. Stacked Reviews’ 2021 Reading Challenge by Stacked Reviews — COMPLETE, may add reviews for full challenge
  10. Pretty Mess Reading 2021 Reading Challenge by Pretty Mess Reading — COMPLETE
  11. 2021 Series Ender Reading Challenge by Somewhere Only We Know
    & Words Fueled by Love — COMPLETE, still adding more
  12. 2021 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge by Celebrity Readers — COMPLETE (B-List), 5 series, still working on more.
  13. Bob on Books 2021 Reading Challenge by Bob on Books — COMPLETE
  14. Chunkster Reading Challenge 2021 by Impressions In Ink — COMPLETE, still adding more
  15. NJM Book Challenge 2021 by Nicki J. Markus — COMPLETE
  16. The Nerd Daily’s 2021 Reading Challenge by The Nerd Daily — COMPLETE
  17. 2021 Reading Challenge by Tyger Gal Reads & More — COMPLETE
  18. #QueerbookFun2021 Book Bingo by Enthralled Bookworm — COMPLETE
  19. Contrition of a Bad Sci-Fi Fan Backlist Bingo by A Dance With Books — COMPLETE
  20. 2021 “What’s in a Name?” Challenge by Carolina Book Nook — COMPLETE
  21. A 2021 RAD Reading Challenge by Rachel A. Dawson — COMPLETE
  22. Alphabet Soup Titles Edition by Escape With Dollycas Into a Good Book — COMPLETE
  23. Alphabet Soup Authors Edition by Escape With Dollycas Into a Good Book — COMPLETE
  24. The 2021 SFF Badge Collection by Spells and Spaceships — COMPLETE
  25. 2021 Book Club by Blogger’s Bookshelf — COMPLETE
  26. 2021 Book to Movie/TV Reading Challenge by Gather Together and Read — COMPLETE, still adding more
  27. Modern Gypsy 2021 Book Bingo by Shinjini — 10 books left!
  28. Linz’s 2021 Reading Challenge by Linz the Bookworm — ? book left!
  29. 2021 Dystopia Reading Challenge by Game, Read, Teach — COMPLETE (only reviews left)
  30. Debut Author Challenge 2021 by Books of Amber — COMPLETE, still adding more
  31. 2021 Read All the Books: Around the Shelf in Eight(y) Years by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club (on GoodReads) — COMPLETE, still adding more
  32. The Agatha Christie Perpetual Reading Challenge by Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks — COMPLETE, may read more

And here is my Fanfic Reading Log and my 2021 Fanfic Reading Challenge spreadsheets if anyone is curious about what I’m reading alongside all these ‘real’ books! 😉 😛

But remember the Three Laws of Fandom: Ship and Let Ship (SaLS), Don’t Like Don’t Read (DL;DR), and… Your Kink Is Not My Kink—And That’s Okay! (YKINMKATO…. which all sorts of dorks call ‘kink-tomato’ because we’re ridiculous). So kindly shove off, keep quiet, and/or go away if you feel the urge to say something rude about a) me reading fanfiction, and b) what I ship/read.

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