Master List of Challenge Attempts

Well, folks, it looks like 2021 is going to be a year filled with ambition as far as my reading goals go! (*mumbles* It’s better than facing the outside world when not actively being an activist. *falls over*)

Not only will I be participating in the first year of the Fanfiction Reading Challenge that I created myself, I’ll also be ambitiously aiming for way too many other “real” book challenges.

For those interested, here’s a link to more info and the spreadsheets that make keeping track of the proposed tasks that much easier. No signups required, no reviews/comments/kudos/favourites… though the latter is always a friendly thing to do when your own circumstances allow!

The 2021 Fanfic Reading Challenge

In other news, though… here are the reading challenges I plan/hope/fervently pray to complete this year. Each Challenge will have a separate web page so that I can provide accurate linking for the signup and the challenge creator(s)’s ease of access.

I will very likely not complete all of these, but I’m going to darn-well try! 😉

  1. The 2021 Key Word Reading Challenge by girlxoxo — 8 books/8 months so far.
  2. Ultimate Fantasy Reading Challenge by Books In Wonderland — 8 books/8 months so far.
  3. The 2021 Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge by Gregory Road — 6 books left for my 2/2 goal (some categories I’ve read more). May up the ante to 3/3, but that’s a lot of extra books I’m not entirely inspired to read.
  4. Spacetime Reads 2021 Reading Challenge by Jemima Pett — COMPLETE, still adding more
  5. Virtual Mount TBR by My Reader’s Block — book left!
  6. POPSUGAR 2021 Reading Challenge by POPSUGAR — 19/40 + 4/10 books remaining = 23 books left!
  7. Book Riot’s 2021 Read Harder Challenge by Book Riot — 6/24 books read = 18 books left!
  8. Books and Tea 2021 Reading Challenge by Northern Plunder — 1 book left!
  9. Stacked Reviews’ 2021 Reading Challenge by Stacked Reviews — 2 books left!
  10. Pretty Mess Reading 2021 Reading Challenge by Pretty Mess Reading — 4 books left!
  11. 2021 Series Ender Reading Challenge by Somewhere Only We Know
    & Words Fueled by Love — COMPLETE, still adding more (3 read, level aimed for was 1-5 books)
  12. 2021 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge by Celebrity Readers — 8 series left!
  13. Bob on Books 2021 Reading Challenge by Bob on Books — 5 books left!
  14. Chunkster Reading Challenge 2021 by Impressions In Ink — COMPLETE, still adding more
  15. NJM Book Challenge 2021 by Nicki J. Markus — 3 books left!
  16. The Nerd Daily’s 2021 Reading Challenge by The Nerd Daily — 5 books left!
  17. 2021 Reading Challenge by Tyger Gal Reads & More — 1 book left!
  18. #QueerbookFun2021 Book Bingo by Enthralled Bookworm — 13 books left!
  19. 19 in 2021 Reading Challenge by The Literary Life — 11 books left!
  20. Contrition of a Bad Sci-Fi Fan Backlist Bingo by A Dance With Books — 1 book left!
  21. 2021 “What’s in a Name?” Challenge by Carolina Book Nook — 1 book left!
  22. A 2021 RAD Reading Challenge by Rachel A. Dawson — COMPLETE
  23. Alphabet Soup Titles Edition by Escape With Dollycas Into a Good Book — 4 books left!
  24. Alphabet Soup Authors Edition by Escape With Dollycas Into a Good Book — 2 books left!
  25. The 2021 SFF Badge Collection by Spells and Spaceships — 2 books left!
  26. 2021 Book Club by Blogger’s Bookshelf — 7 books left!
  27. 2021 Book to Movie/TV Reading Challenge by Gather Together and Read — COMPLETE, still adding more
  28. Modern Gypsy 2021 Book Bingo by Shinjini — 10 books left!
  29. Linz’s 2021 Reading Challenge by Linz the Bookworm — book left!
  30. 2021 Dystopia Reading Challenge by Game, Read, Teach — 4 books left!
  31. Debut Author Challenge 2021 by Books of Amber — 3 books left!
  32. 2021 Read All the Books: Around the Shelf in Eight(y) Years by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club (on GoodReads) — COMPLETE, still adding more
  33. The Agatha Christie Perpetual Reading Challenge by Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks — COMPLETE, may read more.
  34. Perpetual 1,000,000 Pages in a Lifetime Challenge by Smiling Shelves
  35. Mythical, Mystical, Magical Reading Challenge 2021 by Ketutar Writing

And here is my Fanfic Reading Log and my 2021 Fanfic Reading Challenge spreadsheets if anyone is curious about what I’m reading alongside all these ‘real’ books! 😉 😛

But remember the Three Laws of Fandom: Ship and Let Ship (SaLS), Don’t Like Don’t Read (DL;DR), and… Your Kink Is Not My Kink—And That’s Okay! (YKINMKATO…. which all sorts of dorks call ‘kink-tomato’ because we’re ridiculous). So kindly shove off, keep quiet, and/or go away if you feel the urge to say something rude about a) me reading fanfiction, and b) what I ship/read.

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