2022 Master List of Challenge Attempts

Last year I read 170 books and completed… goodness, around 20 challenges? I’ll get a more accurate count soon. This year I’ll maybe try to curate my challenge attempts a bit, as some of last year’s included book categories I just really am not that interested in. But we’ll see, won’t we…?

Last year was also the inaugural year of the Fanfiction Reading Challenge that I created myself, which actually, surprisingly, went swimmingly well. No firm counts and numbers about other people’s stats until the end of January, but I myself read over 15,000,000 (fifteen million!!!) words all told. Let’s see if I can beat last year’s word count in 2022. ;D

For those interested, this challenge requires no signups, no reviews or comments (unless otherwise specified), kudos, favourites… though those things are always a friendly thing to do when your own circumstances allow!

The 2022 Fanfic Reading Challenge
Challenge Spreadsheet Plus Fic Log/Tracker
The two individual book/fic trackers on their own: Here and Here
(which can also be used to track books!)

But anyway… here are the reading challenges I plan/hope/fervently pray to complete this year. Each Challenge will have a separate web page so that I can provide accurate linking for the signup and the challenge creator(s)’s ease of access.

I will very likely not complete all of these, but I’m going to darn-well try! 😉

Expect messy pages and links (for both 2021 and 2022 challenges) as I slowly update them all as appropriate.

  1. Monthly Keyword Challenge
  2. Monthly Motif Challenge
  3. Monthly Awards Challenge
  4. Monthly Adult SFF Backlist Book Challenge
  5. Nancy Drew Challenge
  6. Alphabet Soup: Titles Edition
  7. Alphabet Soup: Authors Edition
  8. POPSUGAR Challenge
  9. Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge
  10. Mythical, Mystical, Magical Reading Challenge
  11. What’s in a Name?
  12. Pick Your Poison
  13. SpaceTime Reading Challenge
  14. Science Fiction Invaders
  15. Read It Again, Sam
  16. Color Coded — Completed, 9/9 books
  17. Buzzword Challenge
  18. Chunkster Challenge
  19. Read All the Books: On Cloud Nine
  20. Modern Gypsy Book Bingo
  21. Bob on Books
  22. Build Your Library
  23. Foggy Pine Reading Challenge
  24. Reading with Muffy
  25. Finishing the Series
  26. Flourish & Blotts Reading Challenge
  27. The Agatha Christie Perpetual Reading Challenge
  28. Perpetual Million Pages in a Lifetime
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